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Updated: Aug 10, 2018

This year our dear friends at Breath Slackline arranged the longest highline in the north at Landskrona carnival. The highline was 270m long, 70m high between the watertorwer and a crane. In the same carnival, from the same watertower, our other friends arranged some basejumping. It was pretty obvious that we should join.

David Sjöström, Ariel Cicero and Lukas Irmler succeeded to cross the line,

and Mathias Rohdin had a nice rest in our latest hammock.

Mathias Rohdin is hanging out at Landskrona Carnival
Mathias Rohdin is hanging out at Landskrona Carnival

Highline Landskrona carnival
Ariel Cicera walking the line at the Landskrona Carnival

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Updated: Aug 10, 2018

This is our family member Morris. He’s not “just a dog” to us, we see him as our goofy little brother that likes to steal our clothes and joining on our adventures in the nature.. Morris recently survived a big trauma, and the fear of losing him affected us just as much as if a friend of us was in the hospital. It turns out though that humans are not very unique. Other species are able to feel emotions, connect, modify behaviors and have a sense of moral.

Nice to see more and more people seeing animals as feeling beings instead of property. Eating less meat, treating others with respect and feeling compassion with each other.

Peace and Love, Felicia, Niklas and Morris

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Updated: Aug 11, 2018

I decided to make the best trip in my life. The plan was to include several special moments in a really short time. Travel together with Felicia in our VW California, do some mountain paragliding together above Lysefjord, some sliderup basejumping from kjerag and surprise Felicia with an engagement ring.

The first two days it was some magic basejumping. Being able to jump Kjerag was the reason I started with base, and on this trip, I was finally able to take the leap I’ve be been dreaming so many years about.

The mornings has the least wind. So the next day we got up bright and early to catch the gap before the turbulence came. We were just in time to be able to catch two flights two mornings in a row. Lysebotn is not the most advanced flight but the view can’t be compared to anything else.

After our last flight I had checked everything of my bucketlist except one thing. I told Felicia that we should hike to a spot close to kjeragbolten to shoot some product photos of the Link, and bring the prototype, camera and tripod. After a two hour hike we found the magic spot and I asked Felicia to sit on the blanket and enjoy the view while I prepared the camera. I started 30sek delay on the camera and walked into the picture and down on my knees...... and she said yes!!!!!!!! This was the absolutely best trip in my life, so far.

Now we start our great Cutaway and everything will only get better!

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